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Temadur Structure Extra

Tikkurila Industry 9L
描述 An additive for polyurethane paints.
产品特性 Used in TEMADUR and TEMATHANE polyurethane paints and varnishes in order to roughen the finish. Causes a rough finish and reduces the gloss of the paint film. Improves the abrasion resistance of the paint film.
推荐用途 -

涂布率 Recommended amount to be added: 2 - 8 volume-% of the amount of paint/hardener mixture.
密度 0.94 kg / l
产品编号 990 1071

处理 Mix TEMADUR base and hardener. Add a wanted amount of TEMADUR STRUCTURE EXTRA and thin with Thinner 1048. Stir thoroughly. Check that the finish is as wanted by painting a small test area. If the surface is too rough, add TEMADUR paint mixture or if the surface is too smooth, add TEMADUR STRUCTURE EXTRA.
EU VOC 2004/42/EC-限值 The Volatile Organic Compounds amount is 560 g/litre of paint.

Containers are provided with safety labels, which should be observed. Further information about hazardous influences and protection are detailed in individual health and safety data sheets. A health and safety data sheet is available on request from Tikkurila Oy. For professional use only.