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Tematherm AA 30

Tikkurila Industry 9L
描述 A one component alkyd amino resin based stoving enamel.
产品特性 A stoving enamel for metal industry. Suitable for steel, aluminium and zinc surfaces in interior premises.
推荐用途 Used for painting lighting fixtures, trim panels and boards, metal furniture, household appliances and other equipment and machines.

特性 Good gloss and colour retention. The product has MED (Marine Equipment Directive) certificate no 0809-MED-0354 and is thus accepted for painting surfaces inside the ships.
色卡 RAL, NCS, SSG, BS, MONICOLOR NOVA and SYMPHONY colour cards. TEMASPEED tinting.
光泽组别 半光

Recommended film thicknesses

Theoretical coverage




30 µm

55 µm

18.2 m2/l

40 µm

75 µm

13.3 m2/l

Practical coverage depends on the application method, painting conditions and the shape and roughness of the surface to be coated.
涂刷方法 By spray, dip or flow coating.

DFT 40 µm

+ 150 ºC

+ 160 ºC

Dry, after (object temperature)

20 min

15 min

Drying and recoating times are related to the film thickness, temperature, the relative humidity of the air and ventilation.
Solids volume 53 ± 2 % volume (ISO 3233)
70 ± 2 % weight
密度 1.0 - 1.4 kg / l depending on colour.
产品编号 790-series

准备 Oil, grease, salts and dirt are removed by appropriate means. (ISO 12944-4)

Phosphating and chromating improve adhesion and reduces corrosion under the paint film.

Steel surfaces: Iron or zinc phosphating.

Zinc surfaces: Zinc phosphating.

Aluminium surfaces: Chromating.
处理 By spray, dip or flow coating. Stir the paint thoroughly before use. For cold airless spraying, conventional spraying and dip or flow coating, the paint should be thinned 20 vol-% to a viscosity of 20 - 25 s DIN 4 / 20 ºC. Dicco Thinner 1020 can be used with conventional spraying. For hot airless spraying the paint should be thinned to a viscosity of 70 s DIN 4 / 20 ºC. Airless spray nozzle tip 0.009" - 0.013" and nozzle pressure 120 - 160 bar. Spray angle shall be chosen according to the shape of the object.

Stoving: The solvents should be allowed to flash off for a minimum of 10 minutes before stoving. Minimum stoving temperature is 150 ºC. Recommended stoving time, see page 1. Stoving time is dependent on metal thickness, especially in convection ovens. The optimum stoving time and temperature for each oven and product can only be determined through experimentation.
工具清洗 Thinner 1006.
EU VOC 2004/42/EC-限值 The Volatile Organic Compounds amount is 410 g/litre of paint.
Maximum VOC content in ready to use paint (thinned 20 % by volume) is 495 g/l.

Containers are provided with safety labels, which should be observed. Further information about hazardous influences and protection are detailed in individual health and safety data sheets. A health and safety data sheet is available on request from Tikkurila Oy.