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Tikkurila Industry 9L
描述 A solvent borne intumescent coating. When subjected to heat NON-FIRE expands and forms an insulating layer of foam.
产品特性 To be used as a fire retardant paint on interior wood, fibreboard, chipboard and plywood surfaces.
推荐用途 -

特性 The product fulfills the following fire resistance requirements:
Reaction to fire. Ignitability of building products, class 1 (SFS 4190, NT FIRE 002)
Heat release and smoke generation, class 1 (SFS 4192:E, INSTA 412, NT FIRE 004).
色彩类别 White
光泽组别 哑光

4 - 6 m2/l (100 μm).

Practical coverage depends on the application method, painting conditions and the shape and roughness of the surface to be coated.
涂刷方法 Brush, roller or airless spray.

Dust dry, after

½ h

Touch dry, after

2 h

Recoatable, after

2 - 4 h

Drying and recoating times are related to the film thickness, temperature, the relative humidity of the air and ventilation.
Solids volume 50 ± 2 % volume
68 ± 2 % weight
密度 1.27 kg / litre
产品编号 380 0201

施工条件 The surface to be treated has to be dry. During application and drying the temperature of the air, surface and paint has to be over + 5 ºC and the relative humidity of the air between 20 - 80 %.
准备 Remove dirt and dust from the surface. Clean previously painted surfaces with FONTECLEAN AL detergent and rinse carefully with water. Sand the surfaces and remove sanding dust. Planed wooden surfaces must be sanded before painting.
涂刷 Stir the paint carefully before use. Apply by brush, roller or airless spray 1 - 3 times. Use at least 500 g/m2 paint, wet film thickness about 400 μm and dry film thickness about 200 μm. At brush and roller application thinning is not necessary. At airless spraying the paint can be thinned max. 10 vol-% with Thinner 1018. Airless spray nozzle tip 0.018" - 0.026" and nozzle pressure min. 120 bar. Spray angle shall be chosen according to the shape of the object.
喷面漆 LUJA finishing paint, REMONTTI-ÄSSÄ, AKVI FLEX or TEMACRYL AR 50 about 50 - 70 μm (dry film thickness).
工具清洗 Thinner 1018. The equipment must be cleaned immediately after use before the paint has dried.
EU VOC 2004/42/EC-限值 The Volatile Organic Compounds amount is 400 g/litre of paint.
VOC content of the paint (thinned 10 % by volume) is 440 g/l.

Containers are provided with safety labels, which should be observed. Further information about hazardous influences and protection are detailed in individual health and safety data sheets. A health and safety data sheet is available on request from Tikkurila Oy.