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Agricultural, Construction and Earthmoving
ACE -brochure

The Tikkurila Coatings Group is one of Europe’s foremost paint manufacturers, supplying high performance, environmentally acceptable products into the ACE market.

Coatings Agricultural Construction and Earth moving Coatings Agricultural Construction and Earth moving
Duasolid - A Paint Concept for OEM Industries
Duasolid -brochure

Duasolid is a unique concept, designed to transform OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) painting operations. One coat of Duasolid can replace 2 or more coats of alkyd, epoxy or polyurethane, without loss of performance.

Coatings Duasolid brochure
Foundries and Primary Metal Fabrication
FPM -brochure

Tikkurila Coatings have developed a new, environmentally friendly product range for foundries and the metal fabrication industry, which reduces VOC emissions and provides better working conditions.

Coatings Foundries and Primary Metal Fabrication brochure
Process Engineering Service
Process Engineering Service

The Process Engineering Service of Tikkurila Coatings is a comprehensive engineering and consultation service for OEM Product Finishes and Protective Coatings clients. Available throughout Europe, the expert service helps to evaluate existing coating lines and processes which need to be modernized and renovated.

Coatings Process Engineering Service brochure
Protective Coatings and OEM Product Finishes

This brochure provides a brief overview of Tikkurila Coatings’ standard product range for the Protective Coatings and OEM markets. A wide range of customised materials for specialist applications is also available.

Coatings PC OEM 2008 brochure
Protective Coatings for Pulp and Paper Industries

The industrial production of pulp and paper is a demanding and highly technical business, which calls for sizable investments in machinery, equipment and production premises. Continuous maintenance is therefore of utmost importance to keep the processes running.

Coatings Pulp and Paper brochure
Protective Coatings for the Oil and Gas Industries

The demands set for protective coatings by the petrochemical industries are especially high due to the very nature of the business. The whole chain of operation, from primary production, transport, refi nement, and storage to the end use of the oil and gas products is constantly exposed to aggressive chemical and mechanical stresses and corrosion.

Coatings Protective Coatings for the Oil and Gas Industries brochure
Protective Coatings for the Pharmaceutical Industry
Protective Coatings for the Pharmaceutical Industry

The pharmaceutical industry in general is a corrosive and aggressive environment. Constant exposure to various chemical stresses can seriously damage construction materials and production equipment without proper protective coating.

Coatings Protective Coatings for the Pharmaceutical Industry brochure
Protective coating system according to ISO 12944-5

The tables show the differences between the old (1998) and the new (2007) versions of the standard.

Coatings Protective Coating System ISO-12944-5
Temaclad SC 50

Temaclad SC 50 is a two-component polyurethane paint with exceptional colour and gloss durability, as well as wide range of recommended applications. This product is a fast-drying, one-coat paint, which requires only a single application for a finished surface.

Coatings Temaclad SC 50 brochure
Temaspray aerosol paints

Temaspray paints are for painting small metallic objects and repairing and touching up slightly damaged painted surfaces. Use Temaspray to repair scratches, chips and minor defects.

Coatings Temaspray brochure
Water-borne Fonte Industrial Coatings
Fonte -brochure

The water-based Fonte range of products has been developed by Tikkurila Coatings for the high quality protective coating of industrial products, such as machinery, equipment and steel structures.

Coatings Fonte brochure

Concrete surfaces

Long-lasting Paints and Coatings for Cowsheds
Cowshed -brochure

The paramount aims in painting agricultural production facilities are durability, hygiene and ease of maintenance. The choice of coatings must also take into account the health and safety of the people working there and the wellbeing of the livestock.

Coatings Long-lasting Paints and Coatings for Cowsheds
Temafloor Floor Coatings

Concrete is the most commonly used material for industrial floors. It is used because of its many positive properties. We expect concrete floors to be durable, safe, easy-to-clean, attractive and economical, but without an adequate surface treatment these benefits cannot be achieved.

Coatings Temafloor brochure Coatings Temafloor brochure